Angry Indians

FA Angry Indian 2 (Sin) (1)

Event : CausewayExchange 2016:

Angry Indians

Organised by : DMR Productions, The RICE Company & Global Cultural Alliance
Date / Time : 9 Sep, 8pm
Venue : The Pavilion @ Far East Square

Duration : 120 minutes
Language : English
Synopsis : Machas rock the mic! They may not be from Sentul, Brickfields or Klang, and they may not be old men. However, these guys have one thing in common with the stereotypical old men you see in movies, they all come with massive amounts of angst and flaring tempers.

This show proudly presents the best of the Machas in the comedy industry who will tickle you silly with their anger and sarcasm. Be prepared to have your eyes filled with tears of laughter, your cheeks ache from giggles and your belly aching with mirth as these men take the stage.

About the Machas:

Andrew Netto graduated high school, college and the school of hard knocks voted as the individual ‘Most Likely Become a Comedy Superstar’. That dream turned into reality for Andrew when he started his comedic career in 2006. Since then, he has tickled audiences’ funny bones on live shows through television and radio. His talent is described as the comic with more spin than a high speed turbine, with twists and insights in the daily workings of the average Joe. Andrew Netto lives with his life quote “Live Life To The Fullest, There’s Plenty Of Time To Be Dead”.

Kavin Jay may be grouchy, grumpy, and cranky, but he is undoubtedly a rapid-fire joke telling machine. Since leaving his day job as a radio DJ, Kavin takes pleasure in bringing to light his love/hate relationships with his life, love and country whilst on stage. Kavin is known in the underground scenes and open mic spots as having the ability to put a positive spin on the most dreadful negative issues.

Keren Bala Devan is a self-proclaimed advocate for telling the truth. Known for being perpetually angry with the world, he loves to share his unique views in a special kind of rant comedy. Quoted as a ‘culture assassin’, Keren’s observation of the world perpetuates his brand of comedy where the slightest sight of either hipsters, ridiculous pop culture and conspiracy theorists would spark an irate and loud remark that’s only reserved for the laughter of his audience.

One look at Prakash Daniel and the following description comes to mind: loud, quirky, chirpy hipster. When he isn’t pursuing his passion as a photographer and managing his portfolio of men with beards called ‘Beards Of Malaysia’ on Instagram and Facebook, Prakash dabbles with comedy on stage as well as features in comedy sketches on YouTube. His witty puns on everyday observations naturally have audiences curling up with laughter. Ever the livewire of the party, he believes in keeping the jokes simple, easy and relate-able.

Thenesh Skip; just like his name we will skip the intro, so come and find out who this bad boy really is. Bow-Chicka-WowWoww!

Ticketing : $35 (includes one complimentary drink)