Concert In The Park


Event : CausewayExchange 2016:

CEX Concert In The Park: At Adau & Flame of the Forest

Organised by : DMR Productions, The RICE Company & Global Cultural Alliance
Date / Time : 10 Sep, 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Venue Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens

(Rain or shine outdoor performance, bring your picnic mats)

Duration : 90 minutes
Language : NA
Synopsis : Pack your picnic baskets, spread your mats and rejuvenate your weary souls with the first CEX Concert In The Park at the Singapore Botanic Gardens! Featuring fusion world music from Sarawak-based band At Adau and Singapore-based music group Flame of the Forest.


Originating from Sarawak, Malaysia, At Adau creates world music to heal and rejuvenate weary souls around the world. Combining traditional Bornean sounds of the Sape and Perutong with drums, percusssions, electric and bass guitar, as well as traditional instruments such as Djembe and Dunun from West Africa, Congas from Latin percussion, Daf from Persia and bamboo Rainstick, At Adau’s music is a fusion of modern and traditional instruments. This innovative and timeless music reflects peace, serenity, appreciation for nature and a deep love and harmony between people around the world, regardless of cultural backgrounds, races and boundaries.


Known for their unique blend of original avant-garde compositions, Flame of the Forest explores new dimensions of musical experiences with an exquisite blend of Western and Eastern traditional strains that soothes, refreshes and inspires.


Ticketing : Free admission