Arts Beyond Sight

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Event : CausewayExchange 2016:

Arts Beyond Sight by Dialogue in the dark

Organised by : DMR Productions, The RICE Company & Global Cultural Alliance
Date / Time : Public: 2 – 8 Sep, 12 – 2pm, 6- 7pm

Group bookings: 2 – 8 Sep, 11am – 12pm, 2 – 6pm

Venue : Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (L2), The Crescent

Duration : 30 minutes
Language : English
Synopsis : An experiential arts exhibition showcased in extreme, complete darkness. Comprising four different sets of experiences, Arts Unseen by Dialogue In The Dark Malaysia gives visitors the unique opportunity of experiencing art, possibly for the first time in their lives, using all of their senses, except for sight. Guided by professionally trained visually impaired facilitators, visitors will touch, hear, smell and taste their way through the exhibition, allowing them to discover and explore art on a deeper and far more intense level than ever before, throughout their 30 minute foray into the dark.


Proceeds of this show are channeled towards CausewayExchange’s Arts & Healing programmes.


Ticketing : Public: $10 per entry (walk in)

Group booking: $300 per hourly slot (40 pax)