1607 Zulaikha

Event : CausewayExchange 2016:

Zulaikha by Projek Ronggeng

Organised by : DMR Productions, The RICE Company & Global Cultural Alliance
Date / Time : 2 & 3 Sep, 9pm
Venue : Lawn @ Malay Heritage Centre

(Rain or shine outdoor performance, bring your picnic mats)

Duration : 75 minutes
Language : Malay
Synopsis : Adapted and rewritten from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Zulaikha is a story about love, corruption and adultery. Set in a village in Peninsular Malaya during the medieval period, the story tells of a teenager Siti Zulaikha who plays upon the minds of the villagers into believing that she can see witches.

Drawing upon the villagers’ anxieties and paranoid, Zulaikha uses her influence to destroy the lives of those whom she dislikes, striking fear within the villagers.

Her ultimate goal is Megat Serapi, the husband of a woman, Siti Khadijah, whom she previously had an affair with.

This is a story about adultery, love and the abuse of religious understanding.

Ticketing : $20